Christine Szostak ’00

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Christine Szostak ’00 earned a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology with a focus in psycholinguistics from Ohio State in 2013 and a M.A. in Cognitive Psychology from Ohio State in 2009. Prior to her training at Ohio State, Christine earned a Ph.D. in clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology from Alliant International University in Fresno, California in 2007 and a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University in 2004. She completed a Clinical Psychology Predoctoral Internship at the University of Kansas Medical School in 2007. Christine earned a B.A. in Psychology and B.S. degrees in Elementary and Special Education with a concentration in English from Malone.

Her research interests in cognitive psychology are in gaining and understanding of what must take place mentally in order for humans to understand spoken words and how an individual’s working memory capacity can impact the ability to accomplish this feat. Her research in clinical psychology is in both eating disorders and vision loss.

Christine has experience in teaching courses in psycholinguistics, cognition, memory, learning, developmental psychology, physiology, sensation and perception, clinical psychology, counseling psychology and general psychology. Her work has been published in multiple professional psychology journals as well as in cognitive and clinical psychology conferences including, but not limited to, the annual meetings of the Psychonomic Society, Cognitive Science Society, Acoustical Society of America and the American Psychological Association.

Christine is also currently serving as a professional consultant both for research and professional writing and for individuals who have lost vision. Further, she currently serves as the Shorter liaison to the Georgia Psychological Association.

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