Diane Ferritto ’07

Diane Ferritto ’07, Liberal Arts graduate, social media expert and Kids CrossFit Coach, sent this advice:

What is your advice for working in a secular world? Be prepared to be tested but know that it will pass and once it has, you’ll be glad faith plays such a significant role in your life.

What’s the greatest thing Malone prepared you for? Malone helped broaden my horizons regarding people’s approaches and outlooks to situations– everyone is raised differently and values certain things and they aren’t going to be all the same as what you value and hold dear. Being able to accept and recognize that has helped me look at situations from different perspectives– both in the corporate work environment as well as my personal life.

What’s the best advice you could give about life after graduation? Find a job you like to do even if it doesn’t pay as much as the job your parents want you to have. At the end of the day your happiness is worth more than the paycheck you earned being miserable.


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