Ben Alderfer ’12

Ben Alderfer, Materials Coordinator at Mercy Medical Center in Canton, offers this advice to the Class of 2014:

Working in a secular world is tough because it often challenges me spiritually to either stand out or blend in with my co-workers.  Malone’s atmosphere of devout faith and close friendships has followed me since graduation and has given me the support I have needed to remain accountable in my workplace.

Life after graduation is immeasurable: challenges await in arenas of ethics at work, personal faith, and maintaining relationships; however, Christ speaks to each of those and can enable you to experience joy in all things… be reminded of that power DAILY through scripture.

Honor God with your perseverance. I had three declined internships and a job interview pass on me before I called up a gentleman to meet and discuss his job and how he ended up in his position. That 15 minute interview turned into an hour long discussion and then a 3 month internship which led to a 4 month part-time job which provided a way to my first full time job. Do not lose heart when you are not chosen for a particular job time and again because God is sovereign and his will is best. Align yourself with Jesus and you will travel with purpose.

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