David Yakley ’95

David Yakley ’95 is the director of design at Malone University. Dave has a master’s degree from the University of Baltimore. He has won numerous awards for his primary publication, the Malone Magazine, and is an elected board member of the University & College Designers Association (UCDA) and of the Canton Advertising Federation Board. Dave also teaches for the Department of Communication Arts at Malone.

What is your advice for working in a secular world?
Be strong and confident in who you are—share your opinions—but don’t be judgmental. Lead by example. People will know there is something different about you just by how you live. Many times you will bless someone and not even realize it.

What’s the greatest thing Malone prepared you for?
To think. The liberal arts program will reap benefits. The opportunity we’ve all had to share in a broad range of educational experiences will help you through a variety of challenges. Being able to articulate yourself in writing and in conversation will be valuable.

What skill should recent grads hone?
Communication always bubbles to the top for me. How you interact with people matters at least as much as the skills and experiences you bring to the table. Develop good habits in maintaining positive rapport with the people you encounter. It’s not always easy, and I wish I was much better at it.

How did you find your first job?
The first job was to get me through. I heard about it through a friend. It wasn’t my goal job, but it allowed me to transfer to another city and helped get me through graduate school. I also took every opportunity that job offered to learn skills that help me to this day. Networking is definitely important. Volunteer. Be involved in professional groups in your area. It does pay dividends later.

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