Emily Maillet ’08

Emily Maillet ’08 is engaged to Jason Aborn.  They live in Temple, N.H.  The couple got engaged December 23, 2014 and are getting married in October of 2015.

The couple owns a business, Tucked in Organics, an organic mattress and all-natural bedding store.

John Bartlett ’13


John Bartlett ’13 was hired as an RN at Akron Children’s Hospital. He also works part-time in the home care nursing industry as a home-health nurse and visiting nurse and at the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

Alex Pavlic ’13

Alex Pavlic, a 2013 graduate of the Malone University music production program, has been named a national finalist in the international Great American Song Contest. Alex ranked 17th out of 1,600 entrants from around the globe. His original work “Balloon Ride,” is a composition for chamber orchestra that he composed his senior year at Malone. After graduation, he continued the work and completed it in the summer of 2013. The contest is judged by music industry professionals from all aspects of the music business of which includes, but is not limited to, the film industry, acting industry and more.

“The work is a whimsical melodic feast that creates a lasting and memorable picture of a balloon going on a magical journey across the world,” says Pavlic. “It embarks in the beginning and soon encounters an enjoyable ride but is soon faced with wild weather conditions of which include a tornado, thunderstorm, and snow storm. Later, the balloon reaches the home stretch and the anticipation increases as it strives for its home destination and eventually, it reaches home.”

Pavlic lives in Mesopotamia, Ohio. He hopes to enter the film and game scoring industries and dedicate a career to musical artistry and creation. His Balloon Ride work can be heard at www.newbachmusic.com.