Alexis Kreiner ’16

Alexis Kreiner ’16 was awarded the $5,000 Ludel Saugaveot Public Relations Scholarship from the Akron Press Club and the John S. Knight Foundation (Akron Beacon Journal).  Alexis is a teaching assistant and directs Communications at TIMKATIC School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Dr. John P. Williams, Jr. ’67

Dr. John P. Williams, Jr. ’67 has written The Dopamine Journals: Notes on Finding Hope When Life Hands You a Not-Yet Curable Disease. He shares his journey of discovering hope in the midst of the storm. It is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Theresa Callahan ’08

Theresa Callahan ’08 is Staff Assistant at The Duke Molecular and Physiology Institute in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. The Institute plays an integral leadership role in the Global HIV/AIDS Vaccine Enterprise and is a pioneer in emerging infections and biodefense research.

Hannah Finley ’14

Hannah Finley ’14 is the Development Coordinator at Our Lady Of Mercy Community Outreach Services in Charleston, South Carolina. She previously worked in Account Services at Grabowski & Company in Canton from 2014-2017.

Bethany Nicole Taylor ’09

Bethany Nicole Taylor ’09 received the BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS award at Atlantic City Cinefest. Taylor is an actor, singer/song writer, improviser, puppeteer, and trumpet player based in Brooklyn, New York. Bethany is a frequent actor in Amios Theatre Company‘s SHOTZ, is a Eugene O’Neill Theater Center NTI alum, she holds an acting certificate from the St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy in Russia, and is an alum of the Peoples Improv Theater in Manhattan. In 2017, she was also awarded BEST ACTRESS at the Grove Film Festival and Brghtside Tavern Film Festival.