Ryan Battles ’01

Ryan and Heather BattlesRyan Battles has launched a company that makes software to help self-employed workers ride out the financial ups and downs of client work. The mission of Harpoon (harpoonapp.com) is to help freelancers achieve their financial goals, schedule projects, bill clients, track revenue, make more money, and take more vacations.

Ryan shared with us, “I built this application while pursuing entrepreneurial dreams with the support of my wife (Heather Hurst Battles, ’01) who works in the Columbus area as a pediatrician. It was tough building this company while my wife was working, and we are raising our four young children (future Pioneers), and homeschooling to boot!

In addition to providing invoicing and easy online payment, Harpoon helps freelancers answer the following questions:

– When do I need to add more projects to my schedule to meet my goals?
– Is it financially okay for me to take 2 weeks off?
– Which clients and projects are the most profitable?
– How much am I really making per hour?

We have a few hundred beta testers right now from our pre-launch list and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Freelancers are hungry for an app that gives them answers to real questions that they struggle with on a daily basis.”

Jeff Goff ’92, Ph.D.

Jeffreyjeff-goff11 Goff, Ph.D., professor of chemistry at Malone University, offers free insect removal services as a collector for pharmaceutical companies. The venom is used to help immunize patients who would suffer severe allergic reactions to stinging insects without the allergy shot. Dr. Goff has successfully removed over 1300 nests. His work provides help to many individuals who are allergic to these insects. For them, a sting can cause anaphylactic shock or even death.

Dr. Goff is able to provide this service free of charge because the companies pay for the insects. To contact Dr. Jeff Goff for free insect removal, call 330-492-3340 or email jgoff@malone.edu.

Jeff graduated from Malone with a B.A. in Chemistry and earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Akron. He is married to Julie, a ’92 graduate in Psychology.


Carolee Vanicek ’06, MBA

TimkenCarolee VanicekSteel recently promoted Carolee Vanicek to director of tube manufacturing. She will lead all aspects of Gambrinus Steel Plant’s operations. The 250-acre Gambrinus Steel Plant in Canton, Ohio, produces seamless mechanical steel tubing that ranges from 1.9 to 13 in. in diameter and processes alloy steel rounds up to 13 inches in diameter. Gambrinus includes three piercing mills and a variety of steel inspection and finishing operations, including three thermal treatment facilities.

Carolee was previously senior product manager for tube-based products. She joined the company in 1996. She has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University.

Amie Hale ’04

Amie (Shelly) Hale is the new principal at St. Paul School in North Canton. She holds an M.A. in Educational Administration from Ashland University and a B.A. in Integrated Science from Malone. Amie was previously a Science teacher in the Coventry Local Schools at the high school level and is the administrator of the Coventry Local Summer School Program.

Kirk Greaves ’09

Kirk GreavesKirk Greaves is a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual. He writes, “My goal is to work with people in all walks of life, helping them develop a financial strategy that will allow them to reach their goals personally, financially, and professionally. It is a wonderful experience being able to help people achieve what is most important to them.”

Kirk is a life long resident of Stark County and graduated from East Canton High School. While at at Malone, Kirk traveled to Trujillo, Peru to serve at an orphanage before graduating with a bachelor of arts in Business Administration and Spanish.

Kirk and his wife, Catilin, have one daughter, Riley. The family attends NewPointe Community Church in Canton. If you would like to contact Kirk, he can be reached at Kirk.a.greaves@nm.com

David Luellen ’79

David LuellenDavid Luellen ’79 has been named Director of Business Development for Art’s Way Manufacturing Co., Inc., a diversified, international manufacturer and distributor of equipment serving agricultural, research, water treatment and steel cutting needs. David has 35 years of experience in various marketing and sales positions.  He began his career as Vice President of Sales at Charm Uniform, and has also worked at Glaxo SmithKline, Next Industry and Davies Pharmacy.  David graduated from Malone with a bachelor of science degree in Biology and lives in Dover.

Nikki Kalenges ’75

Nikki KNikki Kalenges ’75 is a sales associate with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. Nikki, a specialist in residential sales, brings years of experience to the Howard Hanna team. She loves working with people and especially Malone University families and alumni.

Nikki may be reached at nikkikalengis@howardhanna.com.

Michael Oster ’99

021515-oster-02Michael Oster ’99 argued cases before the Ohio Supreme Court as an attorney. Now he is a judge for the Court of Common Pleas in Butler County, Ohio. Here is his #MyAlumAdvice for the Class of 2015:

During my time at Malone I learned a great many lessons, but the number one thing was always to glorify God in all things you do. I try to always remember that as I serve as a Judge and be guided by the words in Micah 6:8 “And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”

Andrew Berg ’06, ’13

Andrew BErgAndrew Berg earned two degrees at Malone – a bachelor degree in youth ministry and a master degree in theological studies. He is the Worship Leader for Rivertree Christian Church in Massillon and oversees all worship and tech leaders for the Rivertree campuses.

What’s the greatest thing Malone prepared you for?
Malone gave me a solid Biblical worldview and taught me to walk closely with God – while these are the bottom of the iceberg that no one may see outwardly, they are the 90% that will determine what the tip of the iceberg (top 10%) looks like that the world will see.

What’s the best advice you could give about life after graduation?
Realize that you don’t know everything, and that it may not all be easy to start out. Be patient, seek Jesus, and give Him time to develop you and direct your path.

How did you find your first job?
I prayed for God to open and close doors. Any “open” door I applied for and pursued – in the end, He closed all but one door, and I had peace about it…so I walked in.

Dayna Yurkovich ’07

Dayna Dayna Yurkovich ’07 is the Event Manager at Shannon English Marketing and a member of the Malone Young Alumni Community Board of Directors.

What is your advice for working in a secular world?
Regardless of where you work, just do your best in every project. Employers will see your dedication in the small things and give you more responsibility down the road. Just live by basic biblical principles.

What’s the greatest thing Malone prepared you for?
I had amazing guidance from staff and professors about the importance of networking and building relationships. This trained me early on about professionalism and has played a huge role in where I am today.

What’s the best advice you could give about life after graduation?
Don’t be so concerned about finding THE job, just find A job. Once you gain the experience, it will qualify you to find THE job later in your career. You learn more about yourself and what kind of job you really want in each experience you have.

What skill should recent grads hone?
Polish. Being polished in all aspects of professionalism in your future career will make you stand out among the rest.

How did you find your first job?
Networking and hard work is how I have come across all of my employment opportunities!