Asher Silas Laprairie

A son, Asher Silas, to Beth (Hiler) ’02 and Joe Laprairie on December 4, 2014. Asher joins brothers Asa, age 5 and Judah, age 3. Beth writes, “I’m blessed to be a stay at home mom.” The family lives in Port Allen, Louisiana.

Bradan David Hamsher

A son, Bradan David, to Ryan ’01,  ’08 and Danielle (Edwards) Hamsher ’00 on January 25, 2013. He joins a sister, Allisynn, who is six and in kindergarten. Ryan graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science and a master’s in business. Danielle graduated with a bachelor’s in elementary education.


Lillian Faith Garwood



A daughter, Lillian Faith, to David ’11 and Rachel (Keim) Garwood ’13 on January 18, 2015. David is a biomedical imaging technician working in the cancer research wing at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The family lives in Columbus, Ohio.