Monday, December 29, 2014

Tammy Troyer '99

Tammy Troyer ’09 RN, BSN, is part of a new and growing trend in healthcare – Nursing Informatics. As a clinical documentation improvement specialist at Akron Children’s Hospital, Troyer helps ensure payers, such as Medicaid, reimburse hospitals for the full extent of their care, and ultimately improve patient care by having a more complete medical record. Her team is highly valued as they help the hospital receive reimbursement for millions of dollars for care that was provided but somehow not completely documented and billed.

Compassion, said Troyer, is a lasting lesson she took with her from Malone. "Always be compassionate in whatever field you go into,” she said. “Sometimes all it takes is a touch to make someone feel better, or a prayer to help get someone through a rough time. Never let your job be automatic, always give 100% because you never know whose life you will touch.“