Monday, May 16, 2022

Lauren Ellinger `20

 Lauren Ellinger `20 had the pleasure of working at Seattle Children's Hospital as a clinical pediatric mental health specialist, educator, nurse assistant, and medical coach on the psychiatry and behavioral medicine unit. She acceptrf a position in February at her dream workplace at Akron Children's Hospital! She has wanted to work at Akron Children's Hospital since she was 2! She is a dietetic, nutrition, and culinary specialist and associate in the Nutrition Department in Nutrition Services! She is in love with her job and obsessed with her position, making a difference, and the entire atmosphere! She has the best co workers and boss! She is also excited to start graduate school in a few months to obtain her Master's in Public Health specializing in Public Health Nutrition on the RD/ RDN route! Her dream is to be a pediatric registered dietitian in maternal and fetal medicine and nutrition at Akron Children's Hospital!