Thursday, May 26, 2022

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ira Wentworth `93 `97


Dr. G. Ira Wentworth '93, '97 was selected as the winner of the 2022 Jennings Ohio Superintendent Outstanding Performance Award by the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, one of the highest awards the Foundation bestows on an educator.  This award will be formally presented at the Jennings Educators Retreat in July.  Dr. Wentworth was selected for this award due to his focus as a leader on deep learning and excellent teaching.  Dr. Wentworth is serving in his 10th year as Superintendent for the Indian Valley Local School District.  He resides in Dennison, Ohio with his wife Amy '92.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Amanda (Pigford) Trumpower `14

 Amanda (Pigford) Trumpower `14

Christian children's author Amanda Trumpower announces Collar Cases, a new chapter book series for kids who love animals, mystery and humor. This series combines silly characters and zany hijinks with family-friendly messages built on biblical themes, making it the perfect read-aloud for Christian parents of children ages 7-12.

Collar Cases follows the adventures of cat and dog investigative journalists Mittens Meow and Alex Digger as they solve mysteries and learn lessons about character in their small town. The fun begins with Case of the Robbed Recipe, which is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook from Amazon. For review copies, email

Children are also invited to attend a series of free virtual programs throughout May 2022. Programs take place in Alex's metaverse clubhouse, hosted by Each program features fun activities and guest speakers on topics related to the books, as well as free book giveaways.

Christie Thomas, author of several Christian picture books, calls the first book [a] lively, fast-paced story kids will love. Young readers will be drawn into the mystery [and] the banter between tough-as-nails Mittens and her faithfully-hungry partner, Alex.

An inspirational [series] that will leave your family barking for more! writes Katie J. Trent, homeschool speaker and author of the hit interactive devotional, Dishing Up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families.

Learn more and sign-up for programs at

Verna Clifford `92

 Verna Clifford `92 on May 13, 2022. Visit

Friday, May 20, 2022

Caleb Sachs `17

 Caleb Sachs `17 married Naomi Longshore on May 14, 2022. They reside in Cleveland.

Alicia Hopkins `09

 Alicia Hopkins `09 will be speaking at the Milestones National Autism Conference this summer, June 15-16! She'll be presenting virtually about Art Speaks: Using Art for Self Advocacy and Independent Living.

This year the conference has over 80 sessions, all presented by autism professionals, family members, and autistic individuals. There will be networking, a virtual art show, and CEUs in 12 disciplines. Plus all content will be available on-demand through August 15!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Lauren Ellinger `20

 Lauren Ellinger `20 had the pleasure of working at Seattle Children's Hospital as a clinical pediatric mental health specialist, educator, nurse assistant, and medical coach on the psychiatry and behavioral medicine unit. She acceptrf a position in February at her dream workplace at Akron Children's Hospital! She has wanted to work at Akron Children's Hospital since she was 2! She is a dietetic, nutrition, and culinary specialist and associate in the Nutrition Department in Nutrition Services! She is in love with her job and obsessed with her position, making a difference, and the entire atmosphere! She has the best co workers and boss! She is also excited to start graduate school in a few months to obtain her Master's in Public Health specializing in Public Health Nutrition on the RD/ RDN route! Her dream is to be a pediatric registered dietitian in maternal and fetal medicine and nutrition at Akron Children's Hospital!

Brandi Noll `05

Brandi Noll `05 was hired in February 2022 by the United Nations to serve on a global UNICEF project as an Education Specialist in Reading. As the only Reading Specialist on the team of six, she is charged with the task of revising and re-aligning the reading portion of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MCIS) to global standards. First created and used in the mid 1990s, the MCIS has become the "largest source of statistically sound and internationally comparable data on children and women worldwide." The data collected is used to determine educational levels of children around the world in both math and reading, and to drive policy and planning within countries and nations. 

She also teach courses in literacy education at the University of Akron.

Michael Grogan `77

 Michael Grogan `77 on April 19, 2022. Visit

Nicholas Kucko `15

 Nicholas Kucko `15 has been accepted into Campbell University's PharmD program. He begins August 2022 and will complete the program spring of 2026.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Amanda (Vance) Wycuff `03

 Amanda (Vance) Wycuff `03 became the head principal of Price Elementary School in the Cuyahoga Falls City School District during the 20-21 school year after serving as an elementary teacher and literacy specialist with Canton City Schools for 17 years.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Joyce (Vogelgesang) Barkely *64

 Joyce (Vogelgesang) Barkely *64 on December 12, 2021. Visit

Dale Winning `74

 Dale Winning `74 has retired. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA.

William Harris `11

 William Harris `11 Ecommerce growth firm Elumynt is fastest growing Minnesota Ad Agency in Latest Inc. Magazine ranking.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Phil Budervic `79

 Phil Budervic `79 is looking to launch an experimental gold league at Wilkshire, near Bolivar for older golfers.

Kimberly (Farkas) Haggerty `14

 Kimberly (Farkas) Haggerty `14 was promoted to Senior Manager of Community Engagement at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Jared Szari `11

 Jared Szari `11 is the owner and operator of a new Chick-fil-A restaurant in Austintown, OH.