Thursday, September 7, 2023

Makayla Smith '21

 Makayla Smith '21 wrote the short film "The Valedictorian" her senior year as a natural response to what was happening in 2020 as it touches on the realities of being a young person of color in America. Through Malone's LAFSC study abroad program she was able to connect with Kary Perez whose production company Rise Up Films made the project come to life. The film will be shown at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival September 15 at 8:45 p.m. at Atlas Cinemas.

Debbie Carmany `12

 Debbie Carmany `12 was elected President of the Ohio chapter of the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA).

Monday, July 10, 2023

Lorna Kraft `74

 Lorna Kraft `74 on July 5., 2023. Visit 

Dr. Fannie Brown `90

Dr. Fannie Brown `90 has been selected Interim Director of Academic Achievement Programs at the University of Akron. The department consists of four distinct programs that aim to empower students through academic, cultural, and social experiences that prepare and enhance their success in higher education. Programs include extensive summer components as well as activities that occur throughout the academic year.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Beth Scheller `93

 Beth Scheller `93 named CEO of Youngstown YMCA

The YMCA of Youngstown board of directors has announced the selection of their next President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Beth Scheller.  Beth will begin her new role on August 1, 2023. Retiring CEO, Tom Gacse, will serve as CEO Emeritus until his retirement date of August 31, 2023.  The process to hire Scheller was facilitated in partnership with the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Michael Oster Jr. `99

 Michael Oster Jr. `99 was part of the "Behind the gavel" series featuring Butler County judges.

Dorrine Burkhead `54

 Dorrine Burkhead `54 on June 12, 2023. Visit 

James Darwen

 James Darwen on June 16, 2023. Visit 

Pamela Tamargo `71

 Pamela Tamargo `71 on June 17, 2023. Visit 

Nancy Pickard `62

 Nancy Pickard `62 on June 16, 2023. Visit 

Paul Lindberg Ross *49

 Paul Lindberg Ross *49 on June 13, 2023. Visit 

A.N. "Neil" Garra `89

 A.N. "Neil" Garra `89 on June 10, 2023. Visit

Kathleen F. Brobst `68

 Kathleen F. Brobst `68 on May 11, 2023. Visit

Roland Thomas "Tom" Eberhart

 Roland Thomas "Tom" Eberhart on May 5, 2023. Visit 

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Lydia Brengelman `23

 Lydia Brengelman `23 married Bailey Adams June of 2023.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Earl H. Bailey `66

 Earl H. Bailey `66 on May 27, 2023. Visit

Kayleigh (Hartman) Galpin ’13

 Kayleigh (Hartman) Galpin ’13 married Matthew Galpin in Salem, Ohio on September 24, 2022. After nearly a decade of working for Habitat for Humanity ECO in Canton, Kayleigh started a new career at Huntington Bank in Salem where the couple resides. Matthew is a mechanic with a focus on high performance Dodge Viper race cars.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Dean Egli *75

 Dean Egli *75 on May 20, 2023. Visit

John Williams `82

 John Williams `82, was named to the Meadowbrook High School Alumni Hall of Fame. A Ceremony at the school was held on April 21. John was chosen based on his service to minority people's in Mexico, for his translation and linguistic work among the Mixtec language group.

Thursday, May 4, 2023 daughter, Josie Nicole, was born on November 12, 2021 to proud and crazy parents Nathan '12 and Alex `14 Yost . She joins siblings Elisha (5) Thad (3) and Addie (2).

Judah Brandon Muhs Brandon Muhs born October 11th, 2022. Father Erik D. Muhs 09' Mother Barri Vazquez-Muhs.

Kathryn Dillion `12

Kathryn Dillion `12 on November 7, 2022. Visit

David Kendig `99

 David Kendig `99 on November 11, 2022. Visit

Angela Kling `04

 Obituaries in Canton, OH | The RepositoryAngela Kling `04 on November 15, 2023. Visit

Robert Hathorn '69

Robert F. Hathorn obituary, Dennison, OH Robert Hathorn '69 on November 18, 2022. Visit

JoAnn Rodocker `85 JoAnn Rodocker `85 on November 22, 2023. Visit

David Barnes `67

 David Barnes `67 on December 1, 2022. Visit

Richard Krebs *49

Richard W. Krebs obituary, Charlotte, MIRichard Krebs *49 on January 6, 2023. Visit

Carolyn Burchfield `71

Carolyn L. Burchfield obituary, Louisville, OH Carolyn Burchfield `71 on February 21, 2023. Visit

Freda Burlingame '66

Freda Burlingame '66 on February 24, 2023. Visit

Sandra Sichi `89

 Sandra Sichi `89 on March 1, 2023. Visit

Norma McCreary `81

 Norma McCreary `81 on April 4, 2023. Visit

Heidi Rahenkamp *52

 Heidi Rahenkamp *52 on March 25, 2023. Visit

Jim Rahenkamp `51

 Jim Rahenkamp `51 on March 20, 2023. Visit

Allison Armentrout

 Allison G. Armentrout obituary, Streetsboro, OHAllison Armentrout on April 27, 2023. Visit

Betty (Hoover) Bradshaw `64

Obituaries in Canton, OH | The Repository Betty (Hoover) Bradshaw `64 on April 28, 2023. Visit

John Ladd

Obituaries in Canton, OH | The Repository John Ladd on April 19, 2023. Visit

Friday, April 28, 2023

Tom Coffman`83 and Gloria Cheney `84

 Tom Coffman`83 and Gloria Cheney `84 have worked at Myers Industries in Akron for over 35 years. Tom has recently retired. They both played basketball while at Malone.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Friday, March 10, 2023

Bryan McCabe `99

Bryan McCabe `99 was recently invited by Bakke Graduate University to serve as their next President. He'll officially take on that role during the BGU graduation ceremony on June 3, 2023. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA, with his wife, Julie (Gowan) McCabe `98.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Lisa Beltz `83


Lisa Beltz `83 has authored a book "Pathogenic Coronaviruses of Humans and Animals."