Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Matthew Everhard '99

matthew-everhardDr. Matthew Everhard '99 has published a new work in which he served as both the general editor as well as a contributor, A Collection of Essays on Jonathan Edwards (JESociety, 2016). His two articles in this book are entitled, "Jonathan Edwards: Calvinistic Homeboy or Reformed Eccentic" and "Jonathan Edwards and the Silkworm: Preaching and Typology." Matthew has been continuing his work on Jonathan Edwards (17-3-1758) since he finished his doctoral dissertation on the Northampton Puritan at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He delivered two invited lectures at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, "The Westminster Confession and the Continuing Influence of Calvinistic Orthodoxy" and "Jonathan Edwards: Calvinism in the American Colonies" (December 12, 2016). Matthew also serves as the editor of, a website devoted to the theology and philosophy of Jonathan Edwards.