Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Zovinar Najarian Lair


Zovinar Najarian Lair on August 30, 2020. Visit cantonrep.com


  1. Mrs. Lair's media class is where I learned how to use all types of formats to teach a lesson or in making a presentation more enjoyable. i continue to use those skills today in all areas of my life. Alicia Morris Wilkins Class of 1983

  2. Mrs. Lair made an impact on my life that continues today. I worked for her for four years in the Instructional Communication Center (ICC). She believed in me, when there wasn't too much to believe in. A few years before she retired she call me up and asked me to finish my Masters degree. She was hoping I'd take over for her when she retired. Our last visit was for lunch a few years ago. We laughed, got caught up on our family members and shared what the Lord was showing us. I will treasure her imput in my life. I loved her dearly.