Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Korryn (Haines) `21 and Jacob Garwood *21


I was a commuter (transfer) student coming to Malone for music education. I wanted nothing to do with dating. He also wanted to focus on school work. We just wanted to get our degree and graduate. God had other plans for me and my future husband. We both were a part of the marching band. He played trumpet, and I sat in front of him playing clarinet. We started talking and hanging out with the same friend group, and we both starting falling for each other. October 1st comes and he asks me out on the marching field. (More romantic to a band member and important part of the story.) We continue to grow at Malone, and in our relationship. Fast forward to 2020 and under the two trees on the hill beside the marching field, he proposed on Aug 28. We have now been married for 5 amazing months, it's all thanks to the glory of God and Malone.