Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Marcie (Denny) `98 and Mark Curry `98

 Marcie (Denny) `98 and Mark Curry `98

We met the first Saturday after moving in during the freshman activities. Our first "date", as my husband calls it, was Summo Wrestling, one of the activities that year at Malone. I was 5'1, 105 pounds and couldn't move with the suit on,  so he was nice and only pushed me down and fell on me. We ended up being in the same accounting class. Bert Smith was surprised when we both got As on our first test,  as we liked to talk some during class.

We dated some, but then were just friends for most of our freshman year, as I didn't want to date the first guy I met. Shortly before the end of our freshman year, we were dating again. That continued the rest of our Malone journey. We both were double majors in Accounting and Business Administration,  so we had many classes together.  We would study every night together.  Only one time did Mark get a better grade on a test or paper than me, and I remember being mad at him for at least a day.

I told him I wanted a ring down at Malone, so he needed to propose before I graduated. He did,  and we were married a year after that.

I knew I always was going to Malone. My husband almost went to Grove City. I am so glad he didn't.