Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Katie (Lamport) `03 and Nick Glatzer `02


Katie (Lamport) `03 and Nick Glatzer `02

"20 years ago today, I picked up Katie Lamport for our first date at the lounge outside her dorm in a red Ford Probe that my roommate (and friend) let me borrow. We went to Olive Garden in Belden Village and barely touched our food. We revisited those two places today to celebrate, only this time we drove from our home in Youngstown in our minivan. She has officially been a part of my life longer than she hasn't. Feeling very grateful- to God for obvious reasons, my roommate, Ryan Gerber, for lending me his car, her parents for raising an amazing woman AND watching our four kids tonight, and Malone for being the place that facilitated it all! As we drove around campus today, we agreed that we both had many great memories there and that God’s Presence was a significant factor in it all. Christ’s Kingdom First!"