Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Tammy (Anderson) `91 and Tracy Miller `88


Tammy (Anderson) `91 and Tracy Miller `88

"It was August 1986, my roommate and I, along with the other students were being herded into the gymnasium to attend our freshman orientation. As we got to the doorway, my roommate saw her boyfriend’s older brother, Tracy Miller, who transferred from a different college. She introduced us and immediately I felt something about him but believed he wouldn’t even consider interacting with me let alone be friends. Later on that day, we ate with him and another friend from their hometown and at that moment, our friendship blossomed through laughter and sharing our life stories. By the time October came around and with the numerous times of interacting, laughing, talking with our friend group, one night I finally confessed my feelings to my roommate about Tracy. I convinced my friend to ask his brother to tell Tracy about my thoughts and feelings for him (I felt like I was back in junior high: Tell him if he likes me, check the box “yes” or “no”!). I was petrified because me being this black girl from Hudson liking a guy from Amish country--the likelihood of being a couple seemed slim-to-none. I praise God to this day that he took a chance and said he would like to see where this would go and we started to date (it also didn't hurt that I was a big Browns and Buckeye Football fanatic...Tracy's eyes lit up quite a bit when he found out!) As our relationship steadily began to develop, Tracy became my best friend, my rescuer, my confidant; for the first time in my life, I felt genuinely loved and cared for.  I know Tracy could tell you that in the four years we dated, we grew into a loving and caring couple. And on July 28, 2020, it will be 30 years celebrating that trajectory of being together as man and wife, being parents of two wonderful sons (who are Malone alumni as well) and growing more in love!"